We are constantly told that we need to be self-sufficient. Reaching out for help can feel like a failure. But none of us are self sufficient. We all need help at times. Whether you need a short- term and crisis-induced intervention or are seeking a longer term process of inner growth, I can help.


Columbia University, Teachers College, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology

Tel Aviv University, Master’s in Clinical Psychology

Fluent in English and Hebrew

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Psychotherapy is to the mind what the immune system is to the body. It protects and strengthens. Psychotherapy is a discipline that draws on both science and art — knowledge of theory and research on one hand and literature, philosophy and esthetics on the other. Hard evidence lives side-by-side with intuition to capture the essence of who you are.

Psychotherapy is a conversation, but of a very different kind. My main approach to my work encompasses all theories of the mind. It is geared toward improving “mentalizing.” This means enhancing your ability to “understand behavior in terms of intentions — thoughts, feelings, beliefs, wishes and desires, so you can see yourself from the outside and others from the inside.” (Fonagy).

With an interactive process that focuses on exploration through active listening, I try to understand the inner workings of your mind; to learn what has shaped you (personality, brain, family, culture) and how you learned to respond to the world in ways that have prevented you from thriving.

My work aims at elevating and understanding, awareness and mindfulness, which in turn allow for more adaptive perceptions and behaviors so your goals are met and the quality of your life is enhanced.