Coping when you’re angry at those who were there to protect you


We’re trained to be beholden to the people who bring us into the world, even if they destroy us. Society holds more negative views of those who abandon their families than those who are abused by them.

These cultural messages make it particularly difficult for survivors to cope with their abusive caregivers. They often feel guilty for ending the relationship and never feel seen or heard. I’ve seen many patients who wished to divorce their parents, but are deeply ashamed for entertaining the thought.

Yet, according to the National Children’s Alliance, almost 700,000 children are abused every year, and a quarter of kids will suffer from some form of maltreatment before they turn 18. These statistics suggest a lot of adults are trying to cope with the abuse that they endured as kids. To read more from Juli Fraga, Psy.D., click here.

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