The Anatomy of Hurt


My patient’s cry is piercing the room as she tells me about her lover. They have been together for six years. He repeatedly professes his love for her, and declares his desire to leave his wife for her, but doesn’t do it. “If he really loved me he would,” she says with utter conviction.

Another patient says she feels anxious by her female boss who puts her on the spot at staff meetings and makes non-sexual but inappropriate comments that make her want to evaporate. Click here to read more from Naomi Kehati Bronner.

Kathryn McNeer, LPC specializes in Couples Counseling Dallas with her sound, practical and sincere advice. Kathryn’s areas of focus include individual counseling, relationship and couples counseling Dallas. Kathryn has helped countless individuals find their way through life’s inevitable transitions; especially that tricky patch of life known as “the mid life crisis.” Kathryn’s solution-focused, no- nonsense counseling works wonders for men and women in the midst of feeling, “stuck,” or “unhappy.” Kathryn believes her fresh perspective allows her clients find the better days that are ahead. When working with couples, it is Kathryn’s direct yet non-judgmental approach that helps determine which patterns are holding them back and then helps them establish new, more productive patterns. Kathryn draws from Gottman and Cognitive behavioral therapy- when appropriate Kathryn works with couples on trust, intimacy, forgiveness, and communication.